Komatsu Forest Sponsorship

Komatsu Forest uses sponsorship to: reach out to our customers/future customers and to attract potential employees and create local awareness of our brand. In order for a sponsorship collaboration to be as successful as possible for both parties, a long-term approach is essential.

Komatsu Forest sponsorship shall:

  • Be aimed at any of our target groups, i.e. customers, potential employees and/or the local population in places where Komatsu Forest operates. ‘Potential employees’ refers to both students and professionals already in work.
  • Be conducted in conjunction with organisations that are, like ourselves, imbued with high quality and professionalism
  • Provide clear service in return
  • Be based on agreements

Komatsu Forest will not sponsor:

  • Political or religious organisations
  • Activities that may cause offence or are perceived to be unethical
  • Individual sportsmen/women
  • Projects that may have a negative impact on other sponsorship

Want to apply for sponsorship?

Are you wondering whether we can be an appropriate collaboration partner for your business? Do the following:

1. Read our sponsorship guidelines.
2. If your sponsorship proposal satisfies the requirements of our guidelines - test your project/organisation as described below.
3. If you satisfy the requirements, apply using the form below. We will get back to you with a decision as soon as we have processed your application.

Test your project

Use the following questions to test your sponsorship proposal. If you can answer yes to all questions, you’re welcome to proceed and send in an application. If you answer no to one or more questions, you should review your proposal.

  • Is your business aimed at any of our target groups?
  • Can your business offer our customers and other interested parties good activities/wide exposure?
  • Is there potential for other services in return?
  • Are you prepared to commit to a long-term collaborative relationship?

Send in an application

If you don’t feel comfortable writing in English, you are more than welcome to submit your application in your own language.