Our Quality Policy

Plan > Do > Check > Act

Forestry Quality begins and ends with the same thing: Meeting specific customer demands. This is about improving every phase and every component – from planning to production – and being aware of and sensitive to market demands. One example is our ‘JoiFUL Meetings’ (Joint Follow-Up Log), wherein customers and suppliers are invited to participate in Komatsu Forest’s internal planning meetings.

This provides us with valuable insight and opinions directly from the source, enabling us to make quick and correct decisions about important changes.

Our development work can be summarized with four letters: PDCA. This short acronym (Plan – Do – Check – Act) reflects our way of thinking and permeates everything we do. Moreover, we see this method as a circle, a rising spiral, because quality is a process, not a condition.

We have developed explicit processes for every step of the production chain, from order to delivery.

Strategic contracts with suppliers and detailed logistics routines provide security and continuity. Specially developed production lines minimize the number of steps at each station and provide considerable production increases.

We have invested in a test bench to test our harvesting heads under the same conditions as experienced in the forest, with fully pressurised hydraulics. We have a department staffed by independent specialist testers who – parallel to production – conduct comprehensive tests on every machine and every head. We also have a group that continually refines work instructions to optimize production and avoid misunderstandings.

Another group is tasked with monitoring and documenting any production deviations, which helps us to further fine-tune the production process. In this way we can guarantee the exact same high quality level for all products leaving the factory. As our focus is on clear customer benefits, in our work we focus on ensuring the same high quality in training, follow-ups, and service. An unbroken quality assurance chain means satisfied customers. Which spurs us on to further improvements.

Since May 2009 we are certified in accordance with the international standards ISO 9001.