With the Komatsu simulators, we’re setting a new standard when it comes to efficient driver training. Due to new technology and the latest achievements in virtual reality, the simulator offers entirely new opportunities to improve the training of current and future forest machine operators.

The Komatsu simulator is not just a simulator, it is a complete package with:

  • Realistic training scenarios, including track records and final examination tests
  • Manual for guidance of your instructors
  • Overall training material for Harvester, Forwarder and Tracked machines
  • A simulator platform with the right design of the operation environment and your machine and dynamics

Available Komatsu Simulators are:

  • Komatsu Harvester
  • Komatsu Forwarders
  • Komatsu Excavator with Harvester head

For more information about Komatsu Simulators, please visit our partner Oryx web site