Service & Maintenance


No doubt, our machines are built to last. For Valmet and Komatsu owners However, all machines are in need of service and maintenance, and should a major problem occur, our technicians are never far away. We have a world-wide network of highly trained service professionals. For your nearest service provider click on ”Contacts” from the navigation menu.

ProAct 2.0 is a completely new way of thinking and acting preventively to make machine ownership easier while increasing peace of mind and profitability. 

service_oljeanalys.jpg Oil analyses are performed at regular intervals with Komatsu ProAct’s oil sampling program. The findings of the analysis not only reveal the presence of any contaminants, but also the quality of the oil, its water content and pH number. As a Komatsu ProAct customer, you can extend the period of service - the analyses indicate when it is time to change the oil. This enables you to maximize the period of time between oil changes without having to worry that something is going to go wrong. This, too, saves time and money.