Extends the life of your machine


The Komatsu Lubricants range comprises of Komatsu Grease VGC1 and Komatsu Hydraulic Oils HE46 Natura and HM46. These products are the optimal choice when your looking for lubricants that works in all conditions and it also extend the life of your machine.

Komatsu Grease VGC1

Komatsu Grease VGC1 affords excellent viscosity and is very water-repellent. It is extremely resilient to shock and impact loads and is suitable for use in a central lubrication system and for normal lubrication purposes.

Komatsu Hydraulic oils

Komatsu HE46 Natura is a easily biodegradable oil which provides optimal protection against wear, a fact which has been demonstrated in large-scale tests. It has very good viscosity characteristics at different temperatures and has high sheer stability guaranteeing effective lubrication. Komatsu HM46 is a mineral oil for high performance hydraulic systems. The oil displays very small variations in viscosity over a wide temperature range. It has excellent anti-wear characteristics, extending the life of your machinery.