Environmental policy

Four cornerstones for sustainability

One way or another, every human activity affects the environment. Minimizing this effect, whilst still optimizing forestry is an important corner stone of our offering. We believe that there must never be any conflict between high productivity and environmental concern. That’s why our environmental policy is built on the following four cornerstones:

Consideration for people and the environment

Our environmental work is rooted in consideration for both people and the environment. It is a task we believe to be a major contributing factor in achieving long-term sustainable development. Consequently, our environmental activities are primarily focused on preventing the growing problem of greenhouse gas emissions.

Strong commitment

Our environmental work is characterized by a strong level of commitment that permeates all parts of the company. With a management team that prioritizes environmental considerations and staff trained in environmental issues, we guarantee committed and responsible work.

Open attitude

By adopting an open attitude, we want to actively contribute to expedient implementation of solutions that new environmental requirements demand. It is also important that implemented environmental procedures and their effects on the environment are carefully followed up and reported openly.

Continual improvement

We are also work to continually improve our environmental work so that our impact on the environment becomes less and less. The company’s management team is engaged in an ongoing process of revising environmental targets and the action plans that give a defined structure to our environmental work. We also believe it is important that our sub-contractors share our views on the environment and that they actively pursue a programme of environmental work in line with our environment policy.