Red advantages

More than anything, our quality is embodied in our Komatsu products. Red machines that earn your trust and help you earn your living sum up the value of Komatsu Forest. Here are some of the main advantages of The World of Komatsu Forest:

  • Ergonomy & Efficiency

    Komatsu is about putting the operator and his performance in focus. About efficiency and long-term endurance. About hands-on logging advantages. That’s why the Komatsu harvesters have auto-levelling, full-circle slewing harvester cabs that maximizes visibility and eliminates straining head-turning. Thats why we’ve developed a new, roomier cab with even better ventilation and ECC.

    And that’s why we’ve equipped the machines with Maxi – the market’s most modern control and information system. This way, the operator has the right tools and the right information to make the right decisions regarding cross-cutting, forwarding, machine control, service, and maintenance. And an ergonomic environment that makes it possible to stay efficient all day.

  • Environment & Productivity

    The forest is a renewable resource which – if used wisely – will create sustainable and profitable development. For us, environmental work is more than merely fulfilling requirements. It’s about developing solutions where lower emissions, minimized ground disturbance and reduced fuel consumption actually can turn regulatory requirements and environmental awareness into concrete competitive advantages.

    Therefore, we design our machines to have minimum environmental impact, and we maintain a progressive and enterprising attitude toward environmental matters. Through these efforts we strive to benefit both our customers and society as a whole. Sustainability and productivity is two inseparable sides of the same coin.

  • Technology & development

    High-tech should never be a goal in itself. It should rather be used to simplify, to create efficiency, security and long-term endurance. That’s what we are strive for - continuously pushing the limits for what’s possible in order to create hands-on logging advantages for today and tomorrow.

    Throughout the years, Komatsu has introduced a number of technological advantages that pushed the limit for what’s possible in forestry. Thats why we take pride in the fact that Komatsu still is a passionate pioneer in the area of mechanized logging. Not for the technological breakthroughs as such, but for the results they bring about.

  • Knowledge & Quality

    Komatsu is literally the best of two worlds. A blend of nearly 50 years of Komatsu forestry knowledge and the mindset and attention to detail of the Komatsu Corporation. This creates a unique quality combination,

    in everything from planning, development and production to sales support and service. Locally. Regionally. Globally. In full tree or cut to length. Forestry Quality. Today and tomorrow.