New forwarder Komatsu 895 previewed at Komatsu Days


Komatsu Forest, launched a number of new products at its major customer event Komatsu Days. Previewed at this event was the new forwarder model Komatsu 895, which will be available from the start of 2017.

Komatsu 895 is the forwarder that became a giant in the world of mechanized professional forestry. With its 20-ton load capacity, unique powertrain with 28.5-inch bogie and wheels, and one of the market’s largest forwarder loaders, it is the preferred choice for heavy final logging on the world’s largest forestry markets of Sweden/Norway, Canada, Brazil, Australia and Russia.

The new Komatsu 895 has further productivity improvements to offer. The machine is equipped with a larger bunk. The height and width of the new FlexBunk can be adjusted from the cab. The LoadFlex bunk has also increased in size. The sturdy powertrain provides greater traction and the transmission has been upgraded since 2016 with a larger hydrostatic pump for better handling.

The crane is being upgraded with a new hydraulic system and a larger crane valve for improved crane operation.

For the European and North American markets, this model is equipped with a new engine installation with an efficient and generously sized cooling system, variable temperature-controlled fan control, and the latest in environmental engineering for diesel engines (Tier 4). Emission control is based on SCR technology without the need for exhaust gas recirculation, which, combined with the new hydraulic system, delivers low fuel consumption and a high power output at low engine speeds. The new engine produces even more engine power and torque than the current Komatsu 895. Larger batteries, with the option for battery condition diagnostics via the fleet management system MaxiFleet, ensure that the machine starts even on cold, subarctic winter mornings.

The new look of the machine gives it a powerful yet smart appearance, and the numerous improvements make servicing the machine even easier. The new rounded engine hood is electrically powered and can be used as a service platform in the open position. All filters are located beneath the hood, for easy access. There are 8 service hatches in the chassis providing access where it is needed most. A drain valve under the engine makes it easy to replace the engine oil without spillages. There are easily accessible inspection points for oil in the engine, differentials and gearbox.

As always with a Komatsu forwarder, the operator is the focal point. The cab on the new Komatsu 895 has been upgraded as well. Improved operator protection is provided by a sturdier cab framework and windows secured with bolts to enable simple replacement of worn windows. Some of the other upgraded features include a start button, central locking with a remote control key, additional work lights and MediaZone.

Komatsu 895 is equipped with the market’s most modern control system, MaxiXplorer. The new forwarder model will be available with the fully-integrated crane scale Protec Scale, which enables the load to be weighed automatically for production follow-ups and operational monitoring. The scale link is just as compact as a standard link and protects the hose routing for the rotator. Production can be monitored back at the office in MaxiFleet, the world’s first fleet management system for forest machines.

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