Support for profitable machine ownership.


Long-term profitable machine ownership is increasingly associated with the ability to anticipate total ownership costs. This is why many machine owners require additional administrative tools that can establish control of operations and production.

“More and more owners want highly precise follow-up of overall machine costs and of exactly what affects costs and revenues,” says Ulf Nilsson, global marketing manager at Komatsu Forest. “It’s because of this we've joined with machine owners in developing a number of services that give them increased assurance and profitability in machine ownership.”

Profitability is based on accurate information about day-to-day operations and how the machines perform. Komatsu Forest takes a long-term approach in ensuring fact-based and systematic follow-up of each machine's performance. With MaxiXplorer machine control, a great deal of information is gathered in four main categories: production, operation, machine status and alarms/events. This information is the basis for a large number of services and tools that enhance and visualize the information.

MaxiFleet, a web-based tool that presents and analyzes machine and production information provides superb capabilities for coordinating service, for example, for companies that own several machines. MaxiFleet provides access to maps, machine analyses, various reports and administrative programs. There is also the capability for remote connections and communications via modems (3G, LTD) or offline synchronized WLAN.

ProAct 2.0 is a new preventive service concept provided at a fixed cost based on machine operating hours. A ProAct agreement includes a preventive inspection that is adapted to the respective machine models. The inspection is intended to warn of any wear, and consequently to avoid unplanned downtime. ProAct also provides recommendations for spare part stocks in the field, close to the machines. Operationally critical components that operators can replace themselves must be close to the machines. The spare parts to be stocked are jointly determined with machine owners.

ProSelect is the name for original spare parts, accessories and consumables, as well as the name for our assortment of profile clothing and PR products. Everything in the ProSelect line has been carefully chosen and tested especially for Komatsu machines. Using original spare parts ensures quality and good machine performance. The logistics are structured for quick delivery of spare parts from the central warehouse at Arlanda and out into the world.

We can also provide tailored courses for optimizing machine and operator performance. A basic course is included in the purchase of a machine. Moreover, machine and method courses are offered with experienced instructors. The advanced administrative programs, such as MaxiXplorer and MaxiFleet, are also covered in training.  Simulators and video sequences are used in many of our Courses.

“We feel that it's important that we maintain good relationships with our customers and are closely attuned to their needs,” says Ulf Nilsson. “We create added value for machine owners based on our customers’ actual needs and on the knowledge and factual information that our IT systems provide. Our goal is to make users’ day-to-day work as problem-free and profitable as possible. We've gathered our services under the Customer Care banner in ensuring that our customers will gain substantial benefits from our investments in research, development, service, support, logistics and services.”

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