New head meets requirements


Komatsu Forest is launching a new two-wheel drive head, the Komatsu S82. The head is nimble and light, compact yet strong, a combination of characteristics that make it an effective choice for demanding thinning assignments in dense stands.

One of the reasons for its high productivity is the two-wheel feed that allows the stems to turn in the head, even those that are forked or very crooked. Another function that contributes to high productivity is Flex Friction Control, which senses the stem's position relative to the frame and adjusts the knife pressure accordingly.

The Komatsu S82 also features the smart Constant Cut saw unit, which ensures the correct cutting speed throughout the entire cutting cycle, thereby increasing productivity and minimizing chain shot and splitting risks.
The head can be equipped with an optional multi-tree accumulator, which further increases production capacity.

The Komatsu S82 also offers easy servicing and maintenance, smart hose routing, and a well-protected head computer that helps minimize unplanned downtime and increase productivity. The head can be equipped with an extra measurement point for even greater measurement accuracy, as well as different feed rollers.

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