The new Komatsu C123 – productive and profitable


Komatsu Forest's new versatile head, the Komatsu C123, is productive and reliable. This is what makes the new head a dependable partner that always delivers.

The Komatsu C123 has an effective feed to ensure high productivity. One important reason for this is the feed roller design. The feed rollers have concave ridges for many points of contact between the stem and the feed rollers. The result is that the head's gripping force can be kept low with retained feed force and low energy consumption.

Aside from high productivity, the Komatsu C123 also provides effective and reliable measuring. Here, too, the feed roller design comes into play, ensuring high-quality measurements. The new head also offers the advantage of cast delimbing knives, which provide maximum durability, high lifting capacity, and firm stem holding.

Another factor that makes the Komatsu C123 so effective is the Constant Cut saw unit, which guarantees the correct cutting speed throughout the entire cutting cycle. This means there is never any risk of running the chain too fast, thereby increasing productivity and minimizing chain shot and splitting risks.

The Komatsu C123 is a truly versatile harvesting head and is even a good choice for steep terrain. The robust frame design and extra large tilt angle make the head productive. In conjunction with the launch of the Komatsu C123, customers also have the opportunity to add the optional multi-tree accumulator, which further increases productivity.

Komatsu Forest strives to constantly reduce the costs of machine ownership. The Komatsu C123 can be supplied with the Eco-GLS chain and bar lubrication system. The advantage for the machine owner is that the oil mist surrounding the machine is minimized and good lubrication is achieved with a small amount of lubricant. The oil mist around the machine considerably affects the frequency at which the windows, radiator, and other machine parts need to be cleaned.

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