New harvester with eight wheels done right


The new Komatsu 931XC is an eight-wheeled harvester with low ground pressure, great stability, and good comfort that provides the right conditions for effective production even in steep terrain and on soft ground.

A harvester that is to work well in steep terrain must be stable. The Komatsu 931XC approaches eight wheels differently than other manufacturers. Naturally, it is built around Komatsu's unique and well-proven chassis concept with an articulated joint and swing axle, a tilt function for the crane and cab, and Komatsu's load-sensing stabilizer. A concept that has proven to be effective for several decades. As well as the swinging rear axle, the Komatsu 931XC has a bogie that is mounted on the swing axle. The new suspended bogie further improves stability with improved ground contact and a lower center of gravity.

The crane's central placement and tilt equipment that shifts the center of gravity in toward the center ensures that the machine's weight is evenly distributed between all eight wheels. This, and the fact that the Komatsu 931XC is the lightest harvester in its class, means that it performs outstandingly well on soft ground. The design provides excellent handling characteristics as the machine follows irregularities in the terrain exceptionally well.

Good comfort is a natural result of good stability, although the cab environment is also important. The Komatsu 931XC's cab is spacious in all directions. High air flow creates the right indoor climate. Both upward and downward visibility are good thanks to the smart front windshield design. There are several different hand controllers to choose from, as well as the industry's first remote-controlled keyless system.

A crane with high slewing torque and a machine with high ground clearance are equally important for high productivity in steep terrain. Komatsu Comfort Bogie, with its well-maintained balance and portals integrated with the rims, helps provide very good ground clearance and mobility.

Komatsu's three-pump hydraulics are another reason why the new harvester is so effective. The clever design of the hydraulic system means that the operator can perform several tasks at the same time and maintain a considerably higher production rate while also reducing fuel consumption.

The Komatsu 931XC has a powerful Stage IV/Final engine that fulfills the most stringent emission requirements and reduces fuel consumption. The Komatsu 931XC delivers 21 tonf (187 kN) of traction and interaction between the engine, control system, and transmission enables the hydrostatic power-optimized transmission to fully utilize engine power, providing advantages on steep inclines and in difficult terrain.

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