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Komatsu Forest is commited to providing quick and good service to all inquires from the media. If you are a journalist covering our company, our products or our industry, don't hesitate to contact us at our corporate press office. Of course we can help you come in contact with a local Komatsu Forest representative. Note: Please use this contact for inquires by the media only.

Annelie Persson, General Manager Marketing & Information,
Tel +46 (0)90-70 97 32, Cell: +46(0)70-560 97 32

Postal adress:
Komatsu Forest 
Box 7124 
907 04 Umeå

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(jpg)Bogie lift ImagePress images
(jpg)Combi crane, 165FPress images
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(jpg)Fibria image 1Press images
(jpg)Fibria image 2Press images
(jpg)Fibria image 3Press images
(jpg)Komatsu 855 Image 1Press images
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(jpg)Komatsu 875 Image 1Press images
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(jpg)Komatsu 895 with Comfort Ride Press images
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(jpg)Komatsu 911, Image 1Press images
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(jpg)Komatsu 931, Image 1Press images
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(jpg)Komatsu 951, Image 1Press images
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(jpg)Komatsu C123 Image 1Press images
(jpg)Komatsu C123 Image 2Press images
(jpg)Komatsu C202, FrontPress images
(jpg)Komatsu C202, SidePress images
(jpg)Komatsu Comfort Ride wins KWF innovation pricePress images
(jpg)Komatsu Forest celebrates a great year, Image 1Press images
(jpg)Komatsu Forest celebrates a great year, Image 2Press images
(jpg)Komatsu MaxiFleet ImagePress images
(jpg)Komatsu S82 ImagePress images
(jpg)Komatsu simulatorPress images
(jpg)Look after your machine imagePress images
(jpg)Manoeuvrability Komatsu 901Press images
(jpg)Manoeuvrability Komatsu 911Press images
(jpg)Manoeuvrability Komatsu 931Press images
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(jpg)MaxiPC X40Press images
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(jpg)New Engine, Image 1Press images
(jpg)Operator comfort, Image 1Press images
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(jpg)ProAct 2.0Press images
(jpg)ProAct 2.0, Follow-upPress images
(jpg)ProAct 2.0, InspectionPress images
(jpg)ProAct 2.0, MaintenancePress images
(jpg)ProAct 2.0, TrainingPress images
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(jpg)S172, Image 2Press images
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