Traction Aid Winch

Logging in steep terrain

There is an ever-increasing need for winch accessories for forwarders and harvesters. Competition for land use, such as for food and bioenergy cultivation, is growing throughout the world. As a result, forestry often expands into areas where such uses do not compete for land, as in steep terrain for example. In order to harvest and forward timber in such extreme conditions, there is increased demand for specially adapted technology, including winches.

Unique technical solution.

The system is based on the tried and tested capstan principle where the winch has a separate drum for rope storage, while the motor, providing traction, is installed on the capstan unit. The rope is wound nine times around the capstan drive, which gives great friction force and thus an efficient winch.

The capstan system provides even traction because the same amount of rope is always wound around the capstan unit. This is an advantage compared to a regular drum winch where the rope is wound around a drum that also houses the motor, a construction that provides uneven traction because the torque varies depending on how much rope remains on the drum.

The design also offers better control over how the rope is wound onto the drum compared to a drum winch. This is because the entire tractive force acts on the capstan unit while only indirectly acting on the rope on the storage drum. As a result, the operator can rest assured that the rope will wind onto the drum without incident.

The reduced traction force on the storage drum also means less stress and wear on the rope, thereby extending its service life.

Compact design 

Compact design

The Komatsu Traction Aid Winch has a compact design that provides the forwarder/harvester with excellent ground clearance, manoeuvrability and visibility from the cab.

The harvester winch is fitted with a hydraulic tilt, making it easy to tilt the winch downwards to open the hood or adjust the rope angle.

The winch also has quick couplings for easy removal during servicing or when driving on flat terrain where it is not needed.

The forwarder winch is well integrated with the rear frame.

The 130F crane model can be equipped with an integrated crane tilt option, which delivers higher net slewing force when used in steep terrain.

Video, Komatsu 875 with Traction Aid Winch

Our forwarder Komatsu 875 can be equipped with Traction Aid Winch. In this video you can see how it manage to handle steep  terrain.

Technical specification

Forwarder Harvester
Adjustable traction force, Downwards 1-4 ton 1-4 ton
Ajusttable traction force, Upwards 1-7 ton 1-7 ton
Traction force, Capstan winch 0-72 kN 0-72 kN
Traction force, Storage drum 2 kN 2 kN
Working pressure 190 bar 250 bar
Max speed 5 km/h 5 km/h
Total extra weight on machine 2160 kg 2200 kg
Tilt angel, driving mode -10 to +20°
Tilst angel, service mode -10 to +83°