Exhibitions and demos around the world

Summer and early fall has been a busy time in terms of exhibitions and demo tours around the world. Here is a small selection of the activities that have taken place, where Komatsu Forest has participated in various ways.

The exhibition FinnMetko took place in early September in Finland. FinnMetko is the largest exhibition in Finland, with over 35 500 visitors. A large part of those visitors visited Komatsu Forest’s stand. There was a great interest in our machines, especially the new forwarders.

The exhibition Hurdagene took place in mid-September in Norway. Komatsu Forest launched the new forwarder program in Norway and the 855, 875 forwarders and 931XC harvester were showed in the stand. There was a felling demonstration with the 875 forwarder, 931XC harvester and the 901 harvester with a C93 harvester head. There were a lot of visitors at the exhibition and our stand was very well attended. In the evening there was a dinner arranged where all the large companies had invited entrepreneurs. The dinner took place in the woods and the guests were treated to barbequed reindeer, which was much appreciated.

Komatsu Forest in Germany has been busy during the summer. After the KWF Fair they arranged a Demo tour in July/August with three demos in Germany (Bartholomä, Leupoldsgrün and Waldkappel) and one in Kirchberg a.W. in Austria. The main focus was the Komatsu 931XC harvester and the Komatsu 855 forwarder. The terrain was partially very steep, which allowed the 931XC to show its perfect climbing properties. The demos attracted many visitors and got a lot of positive feedback. Komatsu Forest also partook in the exhibition Holzmesse in early September in Klagenfurt, Austria.

In the United States the Great Lakes Logging & Heavy Equipment Expo took place in Oshkosh, Wisconsin in early September. The Great Lakes Forwarder Operator Challenge took place during the expo and besides a cash prize, the winner of the competition won a trip to Elmia Wood in Sweden in June 2017 and a place to compete in the Forwarder World Championships. In late September, Komatsu America also participated in the forestry exhibition Demo 2016 in Vancouver, British Columbia.
The exhibition EKO-LAS took place in early September in Janów Lubelski, in Poland. It was arranged in cooperation with our dealer Acron.

The exhibition APF Exhibition took place in early September in Alcester, Britain. It is the largest forestry exhibition in the UK with around 18 000 visitors.

The exhibition Forexpo took place in mid-June in Mimizan, in France. The new forwarder model Komatsu 855 and the new 8 WD harvester Komatsu 931XC were presented. Komatsu Forest also arranged a demo in Tulle in late June, where the main focus was the Komatsu 931XC harvester. The demo site featured steep terrain, which allowed the Komatsu 931XC to show off its ability to cope with extreme conditions.

The exhibition Skogsexpo took place in mid-September in the south of Sweden. Komatsu Forest showed the new 875 forwarders in the south of Sweden for the first time, and there was much interest to have a closer look at it.

Lastly, The Moving Forward Demo Tour started in late September in Sweden, where a total of 10 places will be visited during 10 weeks. There will be machine demos, possibility to operate the machine, customer arrangements, tips and tricks for optimizing the machine’s performance and much more.