Expert knowledge for you and your machines

At least as important as original spare parts is our distributors and technicians’ “original knowledge”. No one knows your Komatsu machines and operations better. Thanks to our extensive distribution and service network, no one can provide you with products and services with such speed and skill. Always choose Komatsu originals – when it comes to spare parts, products and knowledge – for optimal security and profitability. Our range of high quality Komatsu Forest original liquids are selected and carefully tested and approved by our in-house technical expertise.

Product data sheets Liquids:
- Komatsu OCP
- Komatsu SW
- Komatsu DG
- Komatsu OCE

Optimal quality, security and overall economy

Operational reliability, performance, comfort – only Komatsu original spare parts enable your Komatsu machine to retain its original qualities. You know that everything is been carefully selected and tested. You know that you will always get perfect fit and function. Results: You minimize problems, save time and money – and your machine will have longer service lives with unchanged capacity. Our range of high quality liquids are carefully selected to meet Komatsu Forest's high level of standard.