ProAct 2.0

For machine ownership with greater peace of mind and greater profitability

ProAct 2.0 is a completely new way of thinking and acting preventively to make machine ownership easier while increasing peace of mind and profitability. Constantly high productivity and uptime with low operating costs is another way to express it.

Proactive instead of reactive

The overarching and fundamental idea behind ProAct 2.0 is to replace parts before they fail and to conduct maintenance before downtime strikes. All in accordance with a schedule adapted to you and your business. In order to do this in the best and most cost-effective manner, the concept comprises four components encompassing, among other things, simple inspections, scheduled service, tailor-made training and regular follow-ups.



The cornerstones


Planned inspections are made to keep an eye on the machine between regular service intervals. This enables you to predict service needs, minimise downtime and maximise uptime.


Scheduled, planned maintenance effectively limits production losses. This component even includes customized field stocks to optimize day-to-day preventative maintenance.


On-the-job training tailored to the needs and circumstances of your company. Important aids are simulator training and the production data generated by MaxiFleet.


With MaxiFleet, the possibilities are almost endless. The report tool enables you to easily retrieve the machine related key data you need – fuel consumption, downtime and much more.