We are so much more ....

than manufacturers of the cleanest and best forestry machines available in the world. There must be driven and innovative people behind these amazing products. All people at Komatsu Forest works at their best ability to keep on evolving and stay ahead of our industry in terms of innovation, environment and quality.

What you might not always think of, when looking at a company like ours, is that we have so many employees with different education, experience and such a variety of professions:

  • To make a forest machine, someone have to design it (designer)
  • For the parts to get to our factory someone have to order them and ship them to us (purchasing, logistics)
  • For produce the right amount of forest machines someone have to plan how many (planning)
  • For the parts to come in to the assembly we need someone who store and ship these (warehouse staff, forklift operators )
  • In order to get these parts to become the world 's best forest machine someone have to assemble these parts (assemblers, production technicians, painters)
  • For the machines to be fitted in the best way, someone must monitor and develop the assembly (Technicians)
  • To monitor and follow up so that it's the world's best forest machine (Quality, testing and adjustment, maintenance)
  • To sell our machines (Sales, Marketing)
  • So our suppliers and we are paid (Finance, administration, salaries)
  • For our customers to produce as efficiently and best possible, someone must inform and educate about our machines (Support technician , educator, publisher)
  • For the customer to have minimal disturbance of its forest machine, someone need to give service, repairs and spare parts (Service technicians , mechanics, spare parts sales)

Then there's the overall features that support the entire business:

In all these features, there is some IT to support that needs to be developed and maintained (IT-specialists/ engineers/developers). To maintain and develop employee skills and commitment (HR, Komatsu Way Office)

As you can see we have specified 29 different profesionals in our business, in almost all these professionals are specialists, generalists, managers and project managers. We can promise that it is an exciting, stimulating and innovative enviroment.

Hope that you have become interested in our organization and looking to us the next time we have a service out there. We can promise that it is an exciting, stimulating and innovative environment

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