Forestry Quality

Komatsu Forest once again sets a new standard for truly effective and sustainable forestry. Technical innovations. Product- and production development. Service commitments. It will be an exciting journey and a deepened relationship with our owner that will bring new advantages to our customers, in every aspect. The first visual sign of this is that the red machines now are called Komatsu. From now on, it’s all about quality. Forestry Quality.




“Forestry focus is our center of attention, and a commitment to sustainable and profitable business and machine development”

Mr. Mitsuru Ueno, president of Komatsu Forest


Our Core Values

Komatsu Forest knows the true meaning of quality and the unique requirements that are demanded in today’s and tomorrow’s forestry work. We mark this understanding by introducing a new expression – Forestry Quality – that serves as the summary of our core values:

- A passion for technology
- Business understanding
- Forestry focus.

The expression also summarizes what drives our business; You can view Forestry Quality as our promise to you as a customer:

- Forestry Quality Machines
- Forestry Quality Solutions
- Forestry Quality Productivity
- Forestry Quality Reliability
- Forestry Quality Service

For our customers and other stakeholders, this promise translates into a partnership with a shared concern and dedication for the forest. In Komatsu Forest the customers have a leading specialist in forestry that is setting the industry standard.

When you choose a Komatsu machine the decision will shine through. In the forest, naturally. But most of all in the results.

All the way. Today and tomorrow.

Our Quality Policy