Prerequisites for profitability

Can one really combine environmental considerations with profitable forestry? Our firm conviction is “yes, we can”. In fact, we believe that environmental aspects are prerequisites for profitability in the longer term. Complying with environmental legislation and remaining within limits go without saying. However, Komatsu Forest has also chosen to incorporate environmental work as an active and natural part of both development work and production.

Our entire operations are characterized by taking responsibility, resource management, and an open attitude toward documenting and reporting the results of implemented environmental measures. Our factory in Umeå, Sweden is certified in accordance with ISO 14001 and intensive work is underway to certify all Komatsu Forest production facilities in accordance with this international environmental management system.

We also expect our subcontractors to share our views on the environment, in theory as well as practice.

The results of our environmental awareness can be seen in our products: Well conceived basic designs to optimize mobility and limit mechanical damage to the forest. Engines specially built for forest machines, reducing both fuel consumption and emissions. Hoses, filters, and pumps optimized for biodegradable oils. And so on. Long-term profitability is about development in harmony with nature and market demands. It’s about increased efficiency – and lower emissions. Increased productivity – and lower energy consumption. High technology and ecology.